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How Naomi White can help

Naomi White is a people strategist, a communicator, an executive coach and mentor, a facilitator, a speaker, and an an expert in transforming leadership and cultures.  She is also the Founder of Metamorph Co, a consultancy that empowers leadership teams to maximise the potential in their business by turbo charging their leadership, culture and strategic alignment.


Naomi works with businesses in 6 ways:

1. As a people strategist, designing solutions to common and uncommon workforce and cultural problems.

2. As an executive team developer, taking leadership teams on a journey from success to significance.

3. As a coach and mentor to executives who wish to step into their leadership potential and drive their businesses to higher levels of performance.

4. As a coach, mentor and strategic support to HR teams and HR Directors accountable for driving transformational change.

5. As a facilitator of team days, workshops and conferences.

6. As a keynote speaker


With over 20 years experience at the forefront of transforming people and culture, Naomi is the Founder and Managing Director of METAMORPH CO.

Naomi is a transformational leadership expert, specialising in helping leaders take their businesses to the next level of performance by transforming their leadership and improving their cultures.   She has worked with countless leaders during her career, helping them to lift their leadership capability and their businesses to the next level of performance. 


Naomi is passionate about creating thriving cultures where connection and purpose reigns. She is a seasoned coach and mentor, leadership facilitator and accomplished HR executive with a proven track record in building strong leaders, high performing teams, simplified and integrated businesses, and resilient cultures.   


Prior to the establishment of her company, Naomi spent ten years with the Suncorp Group in multiple senior executive roles including the Executive General Manager (EGM) of HR for the Commercial Insurance business, EGM HR  for Suncorp Bank when it won Bank and Business Bank of the Year, as well as the Transformation and Integration Director for the Suncorp Group.   She is sought out as a speaker and authority on leadership, transformation, women in leadership, culture change, and diversity.  


"Naomi is an inspirational leader who

co-created a leadership program that was

transformational for our business..."