About Naomi White

Naomi White works with leaders and teams who want to maximise the potential in their business by turbo charging their leadership, culture, and strategic alignment.

These leaders and teams want to be known for their authentic leadership, the vibrant cultures that they have built, and the enviable growth of their businesses.  Their companies are sought after as talent builders and great places to work, and their people are passionate about the products, services, and of course, the customers. 

Meet Naomi

Naomi White is the Founder and Managing Director of METAMORPH CO.

Naomi has a proven track record in transformation, building strong leadership, high performing teams, simplified and integrated businesses, and resilient and enviable cultures.  Naomi works with executives helping them to transform their leadership capability and drive their businesses to higher levels of performance.   


Her extensive career in the human potential arena has spanned multiple roles and industries from financial services and government to aviation, both in Australia and overseas.  Her most recent corporate role was as Transformation and Integration Director at Suncorp Group after several years as an Executive General Manager of HR. She is a seasoned coach and mentor, leadership facilitator and HR generalist.


With over 20 years experience at the forefront of transforming people and culture, Naomi White is passionate about helping leaders to step into their authenticity and feel free to be themselves both professionally and personally.  She is a sought after speaker and authority on leadership, transformation, women in leadership, culture change, and diversity.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Griffith University and a Graduate Diploma in Business from the University of Technology Sydney. 

"Naomi is an inspirational leader who

co-created a leadership program that was

transformational for our business..."