"The best leaders who are renowned for creating great places to work, with motivated and energised people who want to go the extra mile for customers, are often those who have invested time in themselves."

Virtual Mentoring 

Since we all started socially isolating for COVID-19, it's become apparent that more and more people have been needing support, whether it be for transforming themselves, their lives, their businesses or their leadership. 

For this period of social isolation, I am delighted to offer tailored virtual mentoring packages on a limited basis. 


Please contact me at naomi@naomi-white.com if I can be of service to you at this time.

Executive Coaching

& Mentoring

The best talent in the market wants to work with progressive companies with great cultures and exceptional leaders.  Naomi works with leaders to enable them to break out of the mold and take their leadership to the next level.


Naomi helps leaders to recognise how lifting their own leadership performance improves the performance of the organisation.


Any transformation or culture change program always needs to be led from the top. Commencing this without transforming how the top team leads, sets the journey up for a slower trajectory.  Naomi works with leadership teams to set strategies to ensure the success of their initiatives through their leadership. 


Culture Transformation 

The best businesses outperform their peers, are renowned for being talent shops and great places to work, with motivated and energised people going the extra mile for customers.

The leaders in these organisations bring out the best in others, clearing obstacles to success, and working as part of a great team towards an exciting future. METAMORPH CO works with leaders who want to build their businesses into great companies.

METAMORPH CO helps to  transform average cultures into great cultures that the best people want to work in. A great culture is one where people feel supported, developed and enabled, with a sense of community and collective optimism.  A great culture can deliver higher customer satisfaction, more discretionary effort, and higher profitability. 

Strategic HR Advice,

People Strategy, &  Strategic Workforce Planning

An organisation is only as good as its people.  The best systems and products will not deliver the desired rewards without the right people at the right time, enabled to do their best work.  A poor culture can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction, which can then adversely influence the customer service. 


A lack of planning with regards to people can result in unintended cultural consequences and overspending in the wrong areas.

METAMORPH CO helps businesses design leading-edge people strategies aligned with the business strategy, and designed to maximise the engagement and enablement of the workforce and build resilient cultures.   METAMORPH CO helps organisations to set plans for the future workforce to ensure there is clarity and alignment around what the business needs to look like in the future with regards to employee numbers and mix, location, and capability.